Joker Solitaire

Welcome to the Joker Solitaire, the fantastic new solitaire game from the makers of Spin Solitaire.

Joker Solitaire introduces two animated Joker cards that act in a special way, simulating any of the other cards in the deck!

With a tutorial game that guides you, you’ll learn how to use the new jokers to win your first game!

Included is a free leather theme, with a luxury feel, but you can upgrade to any of the other available themes.

Joker Solitaire also presents the Undo Bar, a long bar that lets you quickly and easily undo moves. Add to that the speedy sliding drawer for controls and you’ve got the best solitaire game ever!

Some of the great features of Joker Solitaire include:

  •  Beautiful and Original art work (these are not your typical playing cards)
  •  Flawless game play
  •  Great animations
  • Original and beautiful themes (which you can try for free throughout the game)
  • Artificial Intelligence that tells who how the game’s going
  • A hint button
  • Inspiring achievements

and, of course, the completely original and literally game-changing Spinner to hold your cards.

People who play this game comment that it is addictive and fun!